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I found the patterns in the former family-owned tailor shop, in Ohrdruf a small city in Thuringia. I digitized them, by putting them on a grid, photographing them and later vectorizing them. They were uploaded as Sets, stamped, and numbered. You can learn more about the process and the origin in the blogposts. 

The displayed patterns are for free download. With the possibility of free downloading, I want to promote the open-source movement. I would also like to offer everyone the creative scope to create something very unique from the cuts. So it's your choice, whether you manufacture traditional pieces like jackets, blazers, pants and costumes, or if you for instance gamble and design something completely new. There is no manual or whatsoever and never the only right way of doing it. In other words: absolute creative freedom. The old constructions can hardly be more worshiped than by using them. 


Each PDF consists of the Photograph of the paper pieces, and the vectors. The Adobe PDF keep the vectors, which allows you to reopen it in Illustrator and makes changes in terms of scaling. The square measures 10cm x 10cm, and serves to orientate the correct scaling. I hope you have a lot of fun!

Please note, that the patterns and the pictures are for private use only, the copyright belongs to the author.

Please stay tuned, I am working on the download option already!


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