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how can I integrate the gambled numbers visually in my design?

I took some time to try out different things. For example, how can I make the names of the pattern pieces visible in the garment? I tried engraving fabric with the laser cutter because I think it is the most sustainable alternative. However, not every material can be engraved. In the example I used virgin wool and tested different settings.

Then I used transfer foil and ironed it onto the outer fabric. With matt foil I can also imagine this because it looks very subtle.

The other samples are attempts to visually pick up the pattern pieces again. I wanted to make them haptic and so I bonded the shapes between two layers of fabric. This reminded me again of my reference, which was about the sawdust-covered tools in the workshop. When you lifted them up, the outline on the workbench remained recognisable. This experience is reflected in the tangible divide. Then I worked with tape. I can imagine making hangtags that are attached to the clothes.

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