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Neo.Fashion.2023 - The Looks

Taking part in Neofashion 2023 at Reinbeckhallen, Berlin, was a significant milestone for me. As one of the top graduates from HTW Berlin, I had the opportunity to showcase my work in front of a sizeable audience. The show, curated by Hussein Chalayan, added an extra layer of prestige to the event.

Working alongside stylist Charlotte Grindeau, we carefully styled four looks that represented my vision and values as a designer—focusing on innovation and sustainability.

The runway show featured four models—Basti, Lea, Mark, each embodying the essence of the collection. As they walked the runway, the audience responded with appreciation for the creative effort put into each ensemble.

Reflecting on the runway pictures, I can see the hard work and dedication that went into preparing for the event. Neofashion 2023 holds a special place in my heart as a pivotal moment in my career.

As I move forward, I'm inspired by the experience and look forward to exploring new possibilities in the world of fashion and design.

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