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Photoshoot - behind the scenes

The photoshoot was challenging. Finding models, hair and makeup artist and a photographer short notice is not easy at all. It takes a lot to have a good shooting, with good vibes, for all people attending.

I had several struggles during my MA, even for my shooting I wasn't too lucky at first. One model got sick, as well as the photographer. But anyways, no problems holding me back, I decided to shoot on my own, with the assistance of my great friend Camille and help of the Studio head Richard.

The models also were great. Hong, Tea and Nils, just serving. As well as my Hair and Makeup artist Leo, giving them the glowy marvelous look I was hoping for. You can feel the good vibes at set, us singing dancing and having a good time together.

I will share the behind the scenes pictures here, to take you with me!

Thanks to Camille, Felix, Richard, Thea, Nils, Hong, Leo!!

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