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screen printing

Cleaning screen, exposing screen, printing

The print that was already introduced in the blog post Print development serves as the basis for my screen print. In a further step, I created a print from the resulting pattern that is suitable for screen printing or laser cutting. I made sure that the pattern could be applied on both sides as well as overhead. The lower quarter of the pattern is warped and looks like it is melting. Here I refer to the organic shapes of the bubbles of lava lamps.

The print on the exposed screen for analogue printing measures 50cm x 60cm.

In addition, small care instructions and the name of the collection are printed with another smaller screen.

I have already digitally printed the created pattern to also try out the technology of digital printing at the university. However, as I am striving for maximum sustainability and only use dead-stock materials, digital printing is not an option in the first place.

I exposed several screens at the university and did the first print on a t-shirt to see how the print would look in a small format.

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