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sawdust & traces

I visualized my memory for lasercutting reference

One of my main approaches is to combine a handcraft references with an innovative technologies, and here come my first reference for lasercutting.

I already talked about my childhood and my woodcarving mom. One thing burnt itself deep into my memory. When I entered the workshop of my mom in the basement of our house there were wood chips and dust everywhere. Thats a matter of fact, when you work with wood, the space is getting dirty.

So everything is covered with wood ships and sawdust. When I picked up something from the workbench, a tool, a knife, a pen, anything, the shape of the object remained.

The same goes with the former tailor shop of my boyfriends grandparents. His granddad Guido passed away 3 years ago, and his grandma Elfriede is unfortunately not in a good state either. Since the tailor shop wasn't touched in years, there is thin layer of dust, covering everything. When you pick something up, the shape of the object also remains.

I tried to recreate this memory by taking some sawdust and spreading it on certain items. If you remove the object, the shape remains. I documented the little process.

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