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finding literature and deep dive into the topic

Finding literature regarding the topic is not too easy I can tell. But I have to start somewhere. So I went to the library and got some books about design theory, designing methods, improvisation.... Then i purchased a book about craftsmanship and design. I did something I maybe should not have done. I sat down and read straight through the two books at the bottom. This takes... LONG. I hope with the rest, I can manage to get through abstracts and chapters and not the whole book immediately, because otherwise I am running out of time before the whole thing startet.

Lets get to the first book: Design und Improvisation by Annika Frye. I enjoyed reading this book a lot. I think Annika Frye gave a coherent and understandable explanation of how improvisation takes part in the designing process naturally. Furthermore she explained methods and development and worked with lots of examples. All in all a great book, that I wished i owned it.

Handwerk oder Design by Melanie Kurz. What should I say. Whilst reading I had strong feelings. I got mad, i was confused. I am still reminiscing why. I think what puzzled me most is, that she confused her own opinion with what she states as scientific paper. Some quotes even sound condescending. She seems to be very strict in separating design and craftsmanship. I get the point that both disciplines get mixed up often, but i don't get the need of how she is stating it. Well it was interesting, and i've learned a lot, but I think I can't bond with the writing style.

I got my handy on some other books too: Design as a future-making by Susan Yelavich and Barabara Adams and the Universe of design by Horst Rittel. Let's see if I am capable of reading chapters ;)

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