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lasercutting leather - surface design

Lasercutting or embossing with the help of 3D printing.

I own a lot of leather skins. As a vegetarian I would not buy leather, nor support this industry in any way. The leather pieces I am wearing are super old, gifted or second hand. But maybe because I am vegetarian I value the material an animal has died for - a lot.

First I tried to lasercut the leather, as you can see here and on the Miro board. I was dissatisfied with the result. Usually it's not too difficult to lasercut leather, I did it often before. But not this time-the smell was horrible, the leather melted or burnt but it was not looking neat at all.

So I was wondering what else I could do with it, in a sense of surface design. I have looked at leather pieces, and I came up with the idea of embossing. Since my main approach is to fusion traditional handiwork with new processing technologies, I thought I could 3D print leather stamps and hallmark the leather with it.

Therefore I need to come up with a motif idea, I have to built a model with 3D software ( I think I will go with blender), and last but not least I have to print it. Maybe I will do some testing: filament print (with PLA) vs stereolithography print (with epoxy). I'll keep you updated.

Learning: Maybe stamps are real thing for my masters. I already stamped the pattern pieces, I planned to stamp every creation to number the limited exclusive amount of pieces I did. But it looks like I am designing my own stamps to the embossing. So maybe stamps are really a thing for me. I could also wood carve them.

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