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lasercutting: in two takes

I envisioned my reference as textile lasercut

As you know, I have a very strong reference for this one. Read my previous Blog post sawdust & traces.

It's about a shape remaining, when taking away an object covered under dust.

When I saw the velvet fabric, I knew it would match perfect my vision. The velvet pile is high enough to take away some material with the laser. By engraving a pattern, I created a 3dimensional surface. You can feel and see the difference between the lasered and not lasered parts. In addition, the softness of the velvet reminds me perfectly of the sawdust.

I needed two sessions of lasering. The first time I made a lot of tests with different parameters to figure out what is best for this certain material. I documented everything on the miro board. For the samples in the second session I used the presets i figured out already.

The grandparents gifted me a pair of scissors some years ago. I am keeping it as a treasure. It's the most important tool of a tailor, next to a sewing machine, i would assume. Thats why I chose exactly this gifted pair of scissors to be the motif for the lasercut samples.

Learning: I used a halftone filter tool in photoshop to create a natural gradient. Maybe I should use this for screenprinting too? And don't we have a risography printer at university? I think I should get my hands on this one as well.

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