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miro, website, trello, instagram, sketchbook... which media should I use, how and why?

The perks of digital work seem to have found their way into my workflow. Having used miro as a platform of presenting everything in online meetings and classes at university, I learned to appreciate the tool.

To get started I wrote up with an educational account which allows me to create boards myself. Thanks Miro. So I created a master board, collecting all my ideas, or pictures, actually everything I am coming up with. I structured it on several parts and designed a "To-Do-calender". I can post it all my upcoming tasks. I also uploaded the Master Portfolio, inspirational pictures, and a huge keyword mindmap, which describes what it's all about. The board will grow by time. I decided to open up my working process very transparent, thats why you will find access to my miro board at this website and can actually watch me work. live.

I will document the process in this blog, maybe there will be an instagram account in the near future. But I can't handle too many different kinds of media, so I will leave it open for now, what else will follow.

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