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key piece development with CLO3D

Keypiece no.3, gambled numbers, developed with CLO3D

The numbers of Keypiece no. 3 are: 96 | 32 | 17 | 60 | 49 | 10 | 57

The digital patterns pieces were draped digitally in CLO3D. This blogpost picks up where the post "draping in different spaces" stopped.

The paper cuts shown correspond to the randomly determined numbers. They were put together in the CLO3D programme to create a completely new design. The resulting piece is intended to be worn in various ways and is remotely reminiscent of an apron, thus once again picking up on a craft reference.

In the pictures you can also see the interface of CLO3D and how the pattern pieces were digitally draped and sewn. The renders show the apron piece from the front, side and back.

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