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jumpsuit fitting process

Fitting with Gabriel

This is just a small process of a jumpsuit. The cut was developed completely draped on the doll. It was important to me that it was as simple as possible. That's why I did without side seams. So the complete piece consists of only two parts. The V-neckline is very deep in the front as well as in the back. The crotch seam is also deepened. The legs have a generous amount of allowance, so they sit very loosely on the leg, run straight and have plenty of hem width. The armholes are also very deep. For the whole look, a jumper or longsleeve is still planned under the jumpsuit. I'm not sure yet if I'll leave the jumpsuit completely without pockets, but I actually like the minimalism of the piece. The jumpsuit is supposed to be unisex. I have fitted it on Gabriel (1.89m). The back length was good despite his height, and I wouldn't add any extra. I also fitted the look on myself (1.63m), but I'm just too short in comparison. I would have to try it scaled down.

I usually always construct trousers, but went for the Drapage process and it worked very well.

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