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gambled pieces in Clo3D

Gamble gamble, how should I handle?

The first gamble action took place! My supervisor gambled the numbers of the first piece.

The following numbers will be the basis of my first MA graduate collection piece of 'playing with patterns':

I will name each piece of clothing I designed after the the gambler, the gambled numbers of the paper pattern pieces, the creator (my name) and the year of the collection and print it inside. This design will be named: /HC. 22 13 89 93 55 98 48 *.SF|22

I copied all the regarding pieces of their former sets in one file and opened them in Clo3D. First things first: thumbs up to the integration of .ai / Illustrator files in Clo3D. One can import the .ai file and open it without any issues, which makes the whole process so much more easy going. (V-stitcher does not support this function, but .dxf which is no problem but its one step more)

The size of the individual pieces was consistent, but not yet scaled to the original size. I intentionally refrained from doing so in order to avoid data jams on my laptop, which was already overloaded. For this reason, I drew the 10x10cm boxes at the time. That pays off now. I simply enlarged the pattern pieces in Clo3D until my control box was 10x10 cm. Everything is prepared, the gambled pieces are waiting to be draped. And this is what I did next. I threw the cuts on the Avatar, tried out to add some volume, pin-tucked pieces together, as if it was draping in real life. I wont show you the final design for now.

The Avatar I used is a pre-installed one. I will figure out measurements and apply them on my own Avatar soon. Actually I am thinking of using different Avatars to design more inclusive for different body-types. Let's see how I can manage it.

The picture is just for symbolic reasons, I don't want to show too much right now ;) So you can just see the pattern pieces in Clo3D. I might show a bit more in the coming days on instagram.

I am not sure how many pieces I can realize in that design process I came up with. But if you are interested in participating, you can gamble the numbers for a pattern set for my graduate collection, with the gambler of this website. If you add your Name or even your insta account I will tag you with the result. :)

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