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editing madness

Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator - and all the way back

Welcome to the hell of editing. Since I am not a professional photographer I am having some struggle at this point. After importing the taken photos of the SD card, and some breakdowns of my macbook because of the lack of storage, I downloaded lightroom as recommended by the studio staff. Some youtube videos later, I corrected the 50mm camera-lense more or less successful. But still I could notice slight curvatures caused by the lense. So i pushed it through photoshop. The lense correcting filter did its magic, but stilllllll..... so i opened the file with illustrator an thought I should give it a try. I put a digital grid in a layer above the original picture and warped the picture accordingly. Then i used the pen tool and drew the outer contour line of the first pattern set as a first try.

I have had some learnings, for example how to apply a change on loads of pictures at the very same time in lightroom. But on the other hand I still need to figure out how to proceed with this mass of pictures more effectively. Digitizing the patterns forms a very important part of my work, but it should not take most of my time. Any recommendations are welcome at this point.

The screenshots include a small sneak preview on the next steps... CLO3D. But before I get to this point, all patterns need to be ready.

In terms of sustainability and my perspective of future of fashion my collection will exist partly digital and partly physical. I am creating tons of data. Whilst having this super sustainable approach of using deadstock, or old stuff, I am creating shitload of data, is that having an impact on sustainability? I will make up my mind.

Please, klick through the pics to see the process.

By the way, in result, all patterns are for free download on this website. Being used, is what they deserve.

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