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draping in different spaces

Comparing analogue draping process and digital draping

I had a huge technical melt down one day. By the means of having lost a huge amount of written pages for my thesis and other files opened at this certain moment. Until this day I draped the gambled pieces digitally in Clo3D. After having lost most of my files I am having huge trust issues in technology. What a joke in context of my thesis, where I am trying to fusion both...

But anyways I decided to start from scratch and take the pattern pieces, transfer them and drape them on a mannequin not on an avatar any more. And what should I say...

New possibilities opened up to me, that I couldn't manage digitally. But the other way around as well.

So my first attempt was to re-drape what I did digitally. But I couldn't manage to do so. It looked totally different in real life. I decided to start over new and it turned out totally different. You will understand what I mean when you have a look on the pictures below. I think it's the first time I am creating feminine shapes as this turned put to be. But I like certain details on it a lot.

Thats why I will refer to this details in the other underpinning designs of my collection.

I don't want to limit myself, I will use both. Draping digitally and draping analogue. Actually the second I realized its so different, it blew my mind. As a fashion designer nowadays my goal is to be capable of using both equally good. But I have to remind myself that the techniques are not the same even if I will model the same piece in result.

In the moment I am draping the second piece analogue on a male mannequin before going back to Clo3D again.

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