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creating ear-accessories

Once again engaging with wood.

I was interested in engaging with wood a bit more. So I sketched some ear accessories and tried to rework the form. the challenge for me was to work out the form from the piece and to anticipate how it would look in three dimensions. I've worked with 3D programmes before, in the digital context, but in my opinion the imaginative step is completely taken away, because you can see the object from all sides at all times. Starting from the drawing, it was exciting to work out the form step by step. The overlapping areas were also very difficult to free, especially because the piece is so tiny. I also had to feel how the grain behaves, in which places the wood can be carved, and how. What is gone is gone. That's why I had to feel my way along and take my time. It took me 3 hours to make the earpiece. But I am happy with the smooth outcome. it was a great learning process and I think it also helped my three-dimensional imagination.

After that I decided to carve the object again on a larger scale. I will share the results soon.

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