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a studio-day with the patterns

Digitizing the old paper patterns of the tailor shop begins with taking photos of them.

I booked the photo-studio of the university for a day to take photos of the old paper patterns.

In terms of digitizing them it is important to have a flawless base. So the setup was not too easy, to be honest. I first drew a grid on a paper with lines 10by10cm. In the studio we built up a huge kind of tripod under a huge softlight box for the flash. Everything had to be exact, so with the help of the studio staff and a spirit level we managed to adjust the camera in the perfect position.

The process followed a pattern (pun intended :) ). I took off the paper pieces of the rack, I marked them with a stamp. Every piece got a Set-number and a Pattern-number. Later I laid them flat on the papergrid, took the photos, put them back together as a set, and so on... After a while I realized how exhausting it is, and how much time it really takes. Sidenote: According to the studio staff I managed a lot more Photos than expected, but still there are a lot more to go.

At the End of the day I took 175 photos, which equals 45 pattern sets.

Next steps: Not only that i will go to the studio again taking hundreds photos more, I have to edit every single picture reducing the lense curvature. I guess I will go with lightroom and photoshop. After this I will be able to make vectorpatterns. Maybe with illustrator, maybe with grafis, maybe with clo3d. Lets see, there is more to come soon.

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