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SAVAIR - upper body protector


Upper body protectors protect in case of impact, fall or collision. They distribute the forces over a large area of the back. In addition, protectors also stabilise the spine.




Many winter sports enthusiasts avoid using upper body protectors. Mostly because they are uncomfortable and made of hard foam. Wearing different layers can lead to pressure points or unwanted compression and is not pleasant. Spontaneity on the mountain is hardly possible, because you have to decide in the morning whether to wear a protector or not. This means that you cannot react flexibly to changes such as the weather, the condition of the slope, heat/cold or your own constitution. 


SAVAIR - is a modular protector that protects you from injuries on the slopes.By inflating air chambers with a hand pump, you are not only super flexible on the mountain, but the protector is also very soft and comfortable. In addition, the air chambers insulate at the same time , so there is no reason for using down. learn more

Winter sports enjoy great popularity. But not all skiers or snowboarders are safe on the slopes. Although a helmet is already a constant companion for those on the mountainsides, other parts of the body are largely unprotected.
At more than
15%, spinal and chest injuries are the most common on the ski slopes.*


inflatable wearable: box of french fries

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-06 um 16.37.17.png
Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-06 um 16.37.56.png

the hook:

The coincidence of finding a "french fries box"-inflatable on the streets of Berlin took the project to the next level. 

We decided to make it the base and upcycle it.

The shapes and colors of the designs are therefore determined by the given.

The idea behind this project is to find an innovative approach to combine functionality, technology and sustainability in one product. We design inflatable pieces, and make it fashion. 


In the process several techniques were developed and tested. Due to the pandemic the general conditions were limited. The result is an elaborated process for a unique, inflatable jacket design.

We are recycling rejected inflatables, such as rubber dinghies, and create new and unique pieces in a limited numbered edition. 

learn more.



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